Knowledge points of tablet hardness

June 6, 2023
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Tablets refer to circular or irregularly shaped solid preparations made from raw materials or suitable excipients.

The pharmacopoeia fully clarifies the regulations that tablets should comply with during production and storage, and establishes inspection methods for weight differences, disintegration time limits, dissolution or release, and content uniformity of tablets. It plays a significant role in ensuring the quality of the tablets. Tablets should not only ensure the above indicators, but also have appropriate hardness.

The hardness of a tablet generally refers to its compressive strength. If the tablet hardness is too small, it can cause loosening and other phenomena, seriously affecting the subsequent coating, packaging, and transportation process; The hardness of the tablet is too high, and the drug and excipients are tightly bonded together. The tablet is difficult to disintegrate, and the drug components cannot be effectively dissolved, ultimately affecting the therapeutic effect.

The tablet is placed between two pressure plates, one of which is connected to a pressure gauge with a force measuring element, and the other pressure plate is connected to a motor drive device that provides mechanical drive.

The motorized pressure plate pushes the tablet forward and tightly presses the fixed pressure plate until the tablet breaks. Then the motorized pressure plate is retracted, and the required loading force for the tablet to be broken is recorded

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The ST220 tablet hardness tester adopts a high-speed single-chip microcomputer control system with strong data processing capabilities. It adopts high-precision pressure sensors for measurement, and automatically tests the maximum, minimum, average, standard deviation, and dispersion coefficient reports of the tablet. The result data can be printed. The output display mode is a blue LCD display screen, which is easy to operate and intuitive to display. The high-precision motor feed mechanism automatically measures the awesome evenly, avoiding the error caused by uneven force each time.