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Detailed technical parameters of rice freshness tester

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Detailed technical parameters of rice freshness tester

August 9, 2021
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Detailed technical parameters of rice freshness tester


ST-012 Rice freshness tester is a special instrument to detect the freshness of rice. The rice to be tested is ground into rice, and the rice sample is added with the special reagent -- fresh test agent, mixed with oscillation and centrifuged, and the freshness value of the sample is displayed after the instrument test. The instrument is mainly used to evaluate the freshness degree of rice in grain warehouses, rice processing enterprises and food quality inspection office. It is not suitable for the detection of commercial rice.

Detection item: FD value (freshness) of rice can be detected, which is applicable to LS/T 6118-2017 grain industry standard "Determination and Discrimination of Rice freshness by grain oil inspection";

Technical parameters:
1, power supply :AC 220V 50HZ;
2. The Fresh Degree was measured by spectrophotometer;
3, measurement range: 0 ~ 100 points; Measurement time: 15 minutes /17 samples;
4. Test sample size: 0.5-2G;
5, the use of 5-inch LCD screen and upper computer alternate use
6. There are four detection lines: northern japonica rice, southern japonica rice, northern indica rice and southern indica rice; 7, the sample test after no pollution can be directly discharged into the sewer;
8, data results can be automatically saved and printed;
9. The original data shall not be less than 1000 sets;
10, repeatability: ≤2.

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