Amylose meter

October 25, 2021
Latest company case about Amylose meter

Amylose meter


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ST510 Amylose meter device amylose in rapid detection of original rice quality testing unit and keep its advantage and performance, on the basis of absorbing analysis instrument specialty, miniaturization, generalized the idea of design interface development, integrating computer technology, spectrophotometric technique of rapid testing instrument, can be used for rice, corn, wheat and other grain amylose quality rapid detection.

High sensitivity, good stability, high degree of automation, detection speed, good repeatability, based on the Windows operating system control software, intuitive interface, simple operation, easy to use, high performance and price characteristics, suitable for the food sector and food production sector widely promoted application.


ST510 amylose tester

Main technical parameters

Test varieties: rice, corn, millet and other crops;


Detection parameters: amylose content;


Detection range: 0~50%;


Detection accuracy: ± 1%;


Long-term drift: lt;

1% FS (24 hours);


Operating temperature: 25±5℃

Screen display: 4-inch touch screen operation display mode

Power supply: AC 220V @50Hz;


Dimensions: 250 *175 * 100mm (width * height * depth);